Specialty Lenses

We offer many specialty lenses to best fit your needs.

Optifog with Crizal UV

Optifog with Crizal UV is the most advanced and durable no-glare anti-fogging lens on the market with everyday UV protection. This special coating prevents the fogging effect that at some point in time all spectacle wearers have dealt with. This coating allows seamless movement from one environment to another without the hassle of waiting for your glasses to clear. Current solutions that are available to combat fogging are sprays and solution, but have been shown to be unreliable and a total solution unavailable till now. Opti-fog lenses utilize unique lens technology that allows crystal clear vision all day, stop in the office today to learn more and order your lenses today.


Our office currently utilizes Original, XTRActive, and Vantage Transition lenses. This technology provides individuals with flexibility to move about their day with no interruption moving from dim light to a bright- sunny day as the lens transitions from a clear to a tinted lens with no input from the individual wearing them at all. The Original Series transition lenses offer transitioning from dim to normal light. The XTRActive Series lenses are tinted and transition to a darker lens than the Original Series and are great for driving or individuals outside the greater part of their day. The Vantage Series are their newest technological advancement adding polarization to transition lenses making them more protective and beneficial for your eyes. Carrying around multiple pairs of lenses with different tint will be a thing of the past with Transition Lenses. Stop into the office today to order your new Transition Lenses and let us make your sight our vision.