At Snowy Range Vision Center, we offer a courteous and professional staff of certified opticians to provide for your visual needs. You will find the highest quality frames from the top designers, with a wide selection in every price range. We are dedicated to finding the frame that looks great and fits right!

Our office utilizes the latest advanced technology and newest materials for your lenses to provide the highest clarity and comfort. The lab located in our office can make most glasses in about one hour.

We also offer a wide array of sunglasses from designer to sport styles and protective sports eyewear. The importance of protecting your eyes from the damaging effect of Ultraviolet rays and injury is of utmost importance to us.

Our expertise is always available to adjustment and frame repair should accidents or emergencies arise. Please feel free to stop by at your convenience for any of our services, or to browse for something new!


Snowy Range Vision Center

405 South 30th Street
Laramie, Wyoming 82070

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